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Encore! Music Education-Creating Smart Musicians

Encore Music Education adopts a multi-sensory approach to the teaching and learning of music by actively stimulating and engaging the learner’s visual, aural, and kinesthetic domains. The design of the programmes offered under the Encore Music Education framework is based on the Encore SMART System that integrates all the essential music learning elements into one complete teaching method: 

  • S       Snap Shot
  • M      Movement, Modelling and Gesture
  • A       Aural and Singing
  • R       Rhythm and Reading
  • T       Techinque and Artistry

The progressive/comprehensive curriculum ensures that students develop the skills necessary for reading, playing, listening, understanding, harmonising and improvising.

Students are engaged from the outset so that the journey of music-making is thoroughly rewardin and enjoyable.

Smart Teaching Method

Snap Shot
Movement, Modelling and Gesture
Aural and Singing
Rhythm and Reading
Techinque and Artistry

For more details on the Encore SMART System, please refer to the following website :

Encore Music Education offers a progressive range of course for a seamless transition from early childhood music through to instrumental learning with music theory included as an essential element. For detailed information please select below:

Kinder Beat for 2 ½ – 3 ½ year olds

Encore On Keys for 3 ½ -6 year olds

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