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About Us


Curtis Music School… where musical potential is nurtured.


The School

For more than 10 years, Curtis Music School has made a difference in the way students learn and perceive music learning. We have remained committed to delivering excellence in teaching, offering the finest curriculum in a collaborative learning environment.

At Curtis Music School, every student’s musical learning experience will be enriched. He or she will receive a strong musical foundation and be motivated to become confident players in his or her own instrument.

Our Philosophy

We believe that both the young and the old can benefit from an excellent music education that seeks to holistically nurture an individual’s aural skills, cognitive abilities, and sense of empathy. We encourage our students to be excited and to enjoy music in a fun and engaging way. Most importantly, we strive to foster a sustained love and interest in music in our students by making music learning a joyful and enriching experience.

Our Team

Our teachers are equipped with professional teaching experience and credentials. With a passionate commitment to teaching, we seek to nurture our students in a conducive learning environment.